Benefits Of Forfaiting

Eliminates Risk

  • Removes country (i.e. political and transfer) and commercial risk
  • Provides financing for 100% of contract value
  • Protects against risks of interest rate increase and exchange rate fluctuation

Enhances Competitive Advantage

  • Enables sellers of goods to offer credit to their customers, making their products more attractive by offering credit terms and at the same time cash the sales
  • Helps sellers to do business in countries where the risk of non-payment would otherwise be too high against the risk premium to be added with the discounting interest

Improves Cash Flow

  • Forfaiting enables sellers to receive cash payment while offering credit terms to their customers
  • Removes accounts receivable, bank loans or contingent liabilities from the balance sheet of the seller

Increases Speed and Simplicity of Transactions

  • Fast, tailor-made financing solutions
  • Financing commitments can be issued quickly
  • Documentation is typically concise and straightforward
  • No restrictions on origin of export
  • Relieves seller of administration and collection burden

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